YD laser cleaning machine

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Laser cleaning machine, perfect for surface cleaning, YD laser cleaning machine, ssuitable to clean the metal surface with oil, paint, rust, metal oxide layer, etc.

Laser cleaning machine: The laser cleaning machine capable to clean the surface of the material and turn it back to as original condition.

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Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly process used to remove rust, paint, oxide and other contaminants on metal surfaces.

When the laser beam hits the material surface, molecular bonds in the dust or rust layer are broken and ejected from the substrate. As a results, the dust, paint or oxide layer to be removed is simply vaporized by the laser beam.

Traditional industrial cleaning methods are often can be time and labor consuming, may involve hazardous chemicals or may damage the metal underneath. Dealing with these problems usually comes at a significant cost, but laser cleaning is changing this: it is a cost-effective solution that reduces cleaning times and maintenance.

Proudcts Features & Advantage

The laser cleaning machine has the following characteristics:
(1) Because there is no physical contact during the laser cleaning , it will not cause physical damage to the work piece.
(2) Application can be widely use in different industry and having good cleaning effect. The laser cleaning not limit to the surface shape and can be accurately controlled to achieved the required cleaning results.
(3) The laser cleaning machine is easy to operate, flexible to be handled. The laser cleaning handheld series’s working head is light weight, and suitable to move around the work place to perform the long hours cleaning job. Its also can be installed on the any movable platform, robotic automation and other automation mechanisms to perform automatic laser cleaning.
(4) Environmental friendly and cost effective. Only electric is consumed during cleaning process, and maintain low operation cost.

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